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60mm/90a Scorched

Full Profile - UR Compound

Our favorite for flat on the GC FLT4 or anti-rocker on the FLT3.  The full profile makes these a quick and maneuverable wheel in all conditions.


57mm/92a Galaxy

Round/Flat Profile - UR Compound

Another great option for flat or anti-rocker.  Slightly harder urethane is less likely catch on grinds while providing just enough grip when rolling around.


55mm/92a Moon

Flat Profile - UR Compound

For the traditional 8-down lovers, this 55mm is shaped just like your favorite wheel from back in the day.  Grab your ultrawides and your backslides.


64mm/90a Constellation

Full Profile - UR Compound

A wheel built for speed.  Whether riding these flat or just in the 1s & 4s, you'll need one less cup of coffee to keep up during the park sesh.

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